The Sarasota Chalk Festival

Venice, Florida
November 10 – 13, 2017

The Sarasota Chalk Festival, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2017, attracts both more and more artists and spectators each year.

It was begun in 2007, skipped 2008 and returned in 2009.


With Chalk Artists from almost every state in the nation and dozens from outside the U.S., the Sarasota Chalk Fest has taken on an international flavor.

Get ready to be dazzled and amazed by the sheer amount of talent that shows up for this festival of creativity.

In 2014 the Sarasota Chalk Festival moved its venue from Sarasota to several locations in Venice, just south of Sarasota a few minutes by car. Venice, after all, is in Sarasota County.

In 2016 the Festival moved all of its events to the Venice Airport Festival Fairgrounds, 610 Airport Avenue East, Venice, FL.

With artists from 28 countries attending in 2014, the fest was spread out over three locations; one being on Miami Avenue in historic downtown Venice, which was a wonderful setting for the street artists’ works, especially with the building facades, modeled after Venice, Italy, in the background. 

It was quite a picturesque setting on a beautiful sunlit day.

The Sarasota Chalk Fest in downtown Venice, FL
The Sarasota Chalk Fest moves to Venice, FL

As a nice touch, you can actually interact with the artists. And they seem to love the interaction.

Creativity on display at the Sarasota Chalk Fest
The Sarasota Chalk Fest brings out the street artists

A short walk away was another venue; the Venice Cultural Center, site of a huge paved lot, where scores more artists were dazzling, amusing and amazing spectators with their 3-D Pavement Art.

Beautiful pavement art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival

And, located at the base of the 3-D Artwork was a special 3-D viewing lens available for spectators through which to view the 3-D Pavement Artwork.


Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida

And the third location for the 2014 Festival was the Venice Municipal Airport Festival Grounds where artists were able to turn old runways into their canvas.

Creativity on display at the Sarasota Chalk Fest
Scores of artists come out for the Sarasota Chalk Festival

The Sarasota Chalk Festival

One nice touch that organizers employed for the 2014 festival was that shuttle buses were used to take spectators between the downtown Venice location and the Airport Festival Grounds location.

The theme for the artists changes each year. In 2014 it was “Extinct and Endangered Species.”

The Sarasota Chalk Festival brings out the crowds

The theme of the 2016 festival was: "Love & Peace." 

Other recent year’s themes were: 2015: "Eat Drink & Be Merry," 2013: “Legacy of Valor,” honoring American Veterans and in 2012 it was “Circus City USA,” which honored Sarasota’s rich circus heritage.

When you have both national and international talent on board for a festival such as this, as a spectator, you will really see some amazing work.

I can’t draw a straight line, so it is astounding to me how many talented artists there were who attended this festival.

And like the artists, spectators are young, middle age and seniors. Everyone is welcome whether an artist or an on-looker.

3-D Art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival

In 2016 the Festival moved all of its events to the Venice Airport Festival Fairgrounds, 610 Airport Avenue East , Venice, FL.

The Sarasota Chalk Festival traditionally runs 4 days with the final day being the "Viewing Day of Completed Artwork," this after the previous evening’s Closing Awards Party. Click here for tickets and even more on this annual creative fest!

General Admission tickets: $5 - $25

Festival Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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