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My Sarasota Dining and Restaurants Page (Dining I) is full of tasty recommendations that I have made for you both in Sarasota and along the sun coast from Sarasota to Venice to Anna Maria Island.

There are always new Sarasota Restaurants opening.

So, this is a page for you to share your culinary adventures here on the sun coast and put your two cents worth in!

Surely you've been to Sarasota Restaurants you have found to be terrific.

SO - here's your chance to contribute to my (our) review pages. Yes, you can write your own taste tempting and tantalizing Sarasota Restaurant review here to share with everyone who stops by Escape-to-Sarasota. What to write about?

Well, read on my fine connoisseur!

What is it about your favorite Sarasota Restaurants
that you'd like to share?

  • What's your best or favorite meal you've had there?
  • Name of Sarasota or sun coast restaurants
  • The wine. Or the coffee.
  • Why you like it.
  • Why you recommend it to others.
  • Your experience there.
  • Everything you like about it.
  • What else is on their menu?
  • How are the prices?
  • The location?
  • The view?
  • Who has the best pizza?
  • The best Burger? Or Steak? Or Omelet? Or Seafood?
  • Do they have the coldest beer or the best Daiquiris? Or is it how their Martini?

Well, you get the idea. Oh, don't forget their location and if need be directions.

So, now it's your turn to answer my question...

What's Your Favorite Sarasota Dining Spot?

This page is for you and your favorite Sarasota Dining and Restaurant Recommendations. You may even upload a picture.

Get creative and tip me and others off to where you like to dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner here on our fabulous sun coast.

Tip: We are looking for a real review of what your experience was, 300 words or more, not just a line or two. Visitors to this site won't learn much from one or two lines. We want you to be as helpful as you can. If you have to, re-read the "thought starters" above.

It doesn’t matter if I or someone else has reviewed your favorite place already. Tell other visitors to Sarasota your “take” on it!

Thanks for your Sarasota Dining review and Bon Appetit!

Your humble (and hungry) web site publisher,


What Other Sarasota Diners Have Said

Click on the links below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

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The Old Salty Dog was featured on "Man vs Food" in the Sarasota edition of the popular TV show along with Yoder's and Munchies 420 Cafe. I went to …

Sarasota Restaurant Reviews 
Coco Grill - Five Stars - Excellent -- My wife and I have visited this new restaurant for the second time today for lunch. I have to recommend it highly …

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Darrell's specializes in southern cooking. I had a Po'Boy made with the catch of the day, blackened salmon. It was wonderful. Fried catfish …

My New Favorite, Night Owl's Eatery! Not rated yet
In retirement central here in Venice, FL is an incredible family owned and operated joint, Night Owl's Eatery. Betty Anne is the owner and culinary genius …

Brothers Grill Louisiana Fishery Not rated yet
We had just got in from New York Friday night and were looking for some place off of Siesta Key to eat. Me and my wife stumbled on a restaurant in …

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