Why I Moved My Family and Business to Sarasota

by Mike Jensen
(Longboat Key, Florida, US)



My story probably sounds like what most of us have always wanted to do; pack up and move to paradise.

I am a Florida native who grew up in Orlando.

Every summer my family would vacation in Longboat Key. Most years we would stay at The Colony to play tennis and catch some rays in the water.

I still vividly remember driving into St. Armand's Circle and have a rush of excitement rush over me.

I knew that I just entered what is the most beautiful place in the State of Florida.

As an adult, I continued the tradition of taking my wife and kids to this amazing place every summer. We would stay in the same places and do the same things (I added golf to the routine).

After about 5 years of taking my family to Longboat Key, I started asking myself what is holding me back from living here full time? Can my business be run from here? Will my family be open to the move? Will my kids be able to get the same caliber of education here?

Come to find out my wife had be thinking the same thing for a number of years but was shy about expressing it.

After looking into the schools, living expenses and business opportunities we made the move.

We have been living in paradise for the last two years. We could not be more happy with our decision!

We have made an amazing group of friends that I am positive will be around for the rest of our lives. Our lifestyle is completely different from Orlando. We spend every evening on the beach, tennis court or golf course. Living on near the water allows us to keep doors open year round. I can't say enough good things about it.

I would recommend anyone that is contemplating making the move to make the effort to meet some locals while visiting Sarasota. You will fall in love with the people just as fast as the place.

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