Venice Fishing Pier

A Favorite Sarasota area Fishing Spot Among
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Stepping out onto the Venice Fishing Pier to cast a line is a unique experience.

If you don’t suffer from fear of height, you’ll be able to look out over the pier, out over the expanse of blue water that is the Gulf of Mexico.

Perched high over the water on the Pier, opened in October, 2004, you’ll have a perfect vantage point from which to drop your line.

By the way, you don't have to fish here.

You can come just for the view, which is fantastic, in and of itself.

You'll have a clear view both up and down (north and south) the Venice coast line.

venice fishing pier venice florida

You'll also have a clear line of sight right down into the water, where you can spot fish and other sea creatures, such as this beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray, just inches beneath the surface, seemingly gliding along.

eagle ray at the surface at venice florida fishing pier

The Pier is known as a place where you can fish for free. This may be the only place in Florida where you don’t need a fishing license, since the City of Venice is kind enough to pick up the tab for a yearly fishing license that covers anyone on the pier.

Venice fishing pier bait shop
Venice fishing pier

And if you happen to be on the pier and don’t have your tackle along, but you’d really like to fish, you can still do so as the bait and snack shop on The Pier will rent a rod and reel to you for $15 a day. And you can get bait right there too. Such a deal!

Fishing off the Venice fishing pier
A fresh catch off the Venice fishing pier

Venice Florida Fishing

What are you likely to catch on your Venice Florida fishing adventure off the Venice Fishing Pier? Probably; Spanish Mackerel, Jack, Pompano, Flounder, Blue Fish, Red Fish, Snook, Ladyfish, Whiting, perhaps Tarpon and Cobia.

There have also been reports of bigger game fish catches off the Venice Fishing Pier such as: Hammerhead Shark, Nurse Shark, Bonnet Head Shark and Barracuda.

Fishing in the Gulf of Mexic offf the Venice fishing pier
Fishermen on the Venice fishing pier in Venice Florida

In fact, if you have the right bait and tackle along, you could catch just about anything that happens by while you're out on the Venice Fishing Peir; after all, this is the open sea known as the Gulf of Mexico.

For your convenience there is a bait and snack shop on the Pier. Here's the menu!

bait and lunch menu at the venice florida fishing pier

Caught a whopper? Or just have a whopper of a fishing story to tell? Where's your favorite Sarasota area fishing hole? What were they biting on when you caught that trophy fish? Let others know about your best fishing story or fishing recommendations. Click here to share your Sarasota fishing adventure!

Venice Florida fishing pier

Directions from Sarasota: The Pier is easy to get to from Sarasota on Rt.41. Just follow south Rt 41. over the bridge into Downtown Historic Venice. Turn right on to Venice Avenue, then turn left on to Harbor Drive and take it to where you see the Venice Airport on the left. The Pier will be a few feet further on the right. You’ll see it from Harbor drive and there’s a parking lot next to Sharky’s.

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