The Myakka Park Nature Trail

Hiking through Nature

The Myakka Park Nature Trail is a light and easy stroll through one of Florida's natural forests. I would call it "hiking-lite!"

Officially known as the William S. Boylston Nature Trail, the pathway walks you through the shady oak-palm hammocks that border the Myakka River.

The trail is of soft sand, lined on each side by the forest and some of its creatures.

Most of the time the biggest thing you’ll encounter will be a Gecko and sometimes the only nuisance you’ll encounter will be a pesky flying insect, but it’s not much of a bother.

If you walk quietly, looking and listening, it’s possible that you may see a deer, turkey and other wildlife.

Myakka River State Park Nature Trail
Under the canopy on the Myakka State Park Nature Trail

One other sense you can experience is if you happen to be in a small group with no one else around, just stop walking. And listen. And you can hear the sound of silence. (Shhhhhh!) Hear it?

Nature Trail at Myakka State Park Florida

The Trail is a leisurely 40 minute walk, round trip, unless you stop to climb and walk through the Canopy Walk and Observation Tower. It’s a wonderful walk through nature.

Myakka River State Park Nature Path

More on the Myakka Park Nature Trail

I think the most unique time I spent on the Myakka Park Nature Trail was in late July. It was a typical steamy Florida mid-day, around 10 a.m.

Once on the nature trail, under the canopy of trees it was shady, with rays of bright Florida sunshine poking through the fronds of the tall Palm Trees, but it felt cool and comfortable.

Myakka Nature Trail under the Palm trees

After a little while, however, I discovered that although it was cooler than being in the direct sun light, it was very damp and moist in what really is a subtropical forest. I was soaked by the time I finished the walk on the trail.

Mind you, I wasn’t over exerting myself, just walking along the trail at a slow to moderate pace, taking in the sights of nature. So, be prepared! You might want to bring along a fresh shirt to change into.

Hinking down the trail at Myakka River State Park

The nature trail is wheel chair accessible. I just have to wonder, though, how difficult it might be to roll a wheelchair through the soft sand of the nature trail.

The Palm Trees in the Nature Trail of Myakka Park

Directions: From the Sarasota area simply follow S.R. 72 (Clark Road) east approximately 9 miles to the Myakka Park entrance. You can get to S.R. 72 from I-75 and from U.S. Rt. 41. Both run through the Sarasota area.

After you enter the park's main entrance stay on the main road, Park Drive, and you'll drive right to the Nature Trail area. Look for the signs and a small parking area. It will be on the right side of the road.

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