You know you’re on your
Sarasota Florida Vacation when…

Whether this is your first Sarasota Florida vacation or your tenth, you already know, or soon will know, what a special place this is.

You’ll probably also recognize a certain “feel” or “vibe” to the area, unlike anywhere else, which lets you know you’re really “here!”


Or perhaps you’re a seasonal resident that we year ‘rounders affectionately call “snow birds.”

Whatever the case me be, there IS a certain feel to the sun coast area, plus certain “signs” and “vibes” that let you know you’re really here.

It’s that kind of “you know you’re in Sarasota when...”

Surely there are certain things you notice about being on a Sarasota Florida Vacation; like...

  • if you were in Chicago and saw the "L train" it would make you say, "Yep, I'm in Chicago!"
  • if you were in New York and standing in front of Radio City Music Hall or on Broadway you would say,"Yep, I'm in New York City!"
  • or if you were in San Francisco at Fisherman's Warf you would say, "yep, this IS San Francisco!"

So, I'm running a little audience participation survey like I used to do when I was on the radio a few years back. I'm taking an unscientific survey of anyone who wants to participate. It's free and open to all and your "revelation" is as good as the next person's!

SO here's the survey question -- What makes you say, know or feel that way about the sun coast?"

  • It may be a local landmark, a beach, a beach bar, a hotel, a restaurant, a certain street corner or neighborhood…or some totally "ethereal experience," or not…or something that just jumps out and says to you, "I'm in Sarasota!"

Maybe it's defined by something else all together! Or it may just be a certain feeling or vibe that goes along with being here, whatever it is.


So, my "People Poll" survey question to you is:

What really says to you: “You’re in Sarasota?”

Everyone has something they love about Sarasota and the sun coast. Tell me what makes "Sarasota," Sarasota to you! Jump in. Have some fun. Post a photo to go along with your story.

You might start this way, with the catch phrase, “I know I’m on my Sarasota Florida vacation when...” Tell me what it is and why and how it makes you feel when you get here to Sarasota.

Share it!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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We celebrated our 20 year Sarasota Lido Beach anniversary 2014 
First kiss was at Lido Beach, in the water. I have been coming here since a child. WE have been coming for 20 years and will continue to come. …

Leaving on a jet plane...for Sarasota... 
When we return each winter to the Sarasota area from the Cleveland area the anticipation level is always high. From the time we board the plane …

Bertha Palmer created Sarasota Not rated yet
Well if you really want to appreciate Sarasota.... I mean REALLY appreciate the evolution of this great must read Suncoast Empire, Frank A.Cassell. …

Never get tired of the view Not rated yet
I have been vacationing in Sarasota for over 30 years and to this day when I cross the Ringling bridge from the mainland to St. Armand's I still get excited. …

Yacht Charter to Sarasota! Not rated yet
My parents were having their 50th wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something special for them. We live in Venice, Florida and decided to do …

Why I Moved My Family and Business to Sarasota Not rated yet
My story probably sounds like what most of us have always wanted to do; pack up and move to paradise. I am a Florida native who grew up in Orlando. …

We named our place 'Siesta Villa' after Siesta Key! Not rated yet
My parents purchased a home and settled in Sarasota about eight years ago. After several visits, my wife and I decided to buy a 'villa' - as we fell …

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