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The Value of Sarasota Advertising on

Escape-to-Sarasota.Com offers highly targeted, competitively priced Sarasota Advertising and Sun Coast area advertising that reaches customers in two important spheres of influence:

1) It pre-sells your future customer who’s in the vacation/trip planning stage, sometimes as long as a year in advance; the benefit? Your advertising keeps customers in the pipeline, and;

2) It offers the best of what your business has to offer to those who are already here now or just about to arrive.

Reach Visitors in their trip planning phase, often times a full year, before their arrival!

Escape-to-Sarasota.Com reaches readers before they book a flight, hotel, condo, etc and they find Escape-to-Sarasota.Com at the start of researching their trip. That’s why your business should be here all the time. Because almost everyone researches their vacation on line and they bring along their laptops and smart phones to use as well.

Expectant travelers may make their vacation plans in August or December: researching during the summer for a winter retreat or in December for their spring break holiday.

The following graph by Google Trends shows that prospective visitors (your future customers) research Sarasota year round.

Click here or on the image to see an updated graph from Google Trends

Who Visits Escape-to-Sarasota.Com?

During a 12 month period 72% - 84% of Escape-to-Sarasota.Com visitors come from the U.S. or live in Sarasota and here on the Sun Coast. Additionally, site visitors come from Great Britain, Canada and Europe.

Research shows that Escape-to-Sarasota.Com visitors are typically computer friendly, internet savvy, mid-to-high-income travelers, yearlong residents or snowbirds and earn from $30,000 - $100,000 per year. They are intelligent, engaged and have leisure dollars to spend.

They are just the audience you want to reach with your Sarasota Advertising on Escape-to-Sarasota.Com.

Fact: As of March, 2012, a Netcraft survey counted 644,275,754 active websites. Of those websites Escape-to-Sarasota.Com ranks as one of the top web sites in the U.S; in the top 60,000's out of millions of sites.

You can verify that ranking, which fluctuates daily, at

The Power of 24/7/365

Here’s how it works: Escape-to-Sarasota.Com patiently stands at the ready to reach your future customer; vacation planners, snowbirds and locals when they perform their web research.

Escape-to-Sarasota.Com is always “on,” 24/7/365; waiting for, attracting and welcoming all who visit.

And, Escape-to-Sarasota.Com, which began in spring, 2007 enjoys many long time repeat visitors as well as new daily visitors who also return. On any given day from 80% - 95% of unique (first time) site visitors come back again the same day, offering even more impressions (number of times your ad is seen) for advertisers.

Why Place Your Sarasota Advertising
on Escape-to-Sarasota.Com?

There are many "offline" ways to advertise. Some ways are to place ads in the numerous free digests, dailies, weeklies and brochures that float around Sarasota and the Sun Coast that visitors pick up AFTER they arrive!

(That’s all fine if you really believe that vacationers would rather spend their time reading and researching what to do after they arrive rather than just going out and “doing.” And that's IF one of those publications just so happens to Float into their hands!)

The downside of that is this: by the time your ad is seen, visitors have already made their decisions regarding accommodations, sites to see, activities and attractions, restaurants, events and more. And you know what? That’s too late. Your business needs to be out front leading the charge!

The new reality is this: vacation planners, returning snowbirds and locals use the Web. That's why your Sarasota Advertising should be here.

Niche Focused and Highly Targeted

With Escape-to-Sarasota.Com, your Sarasota advertising dollar reaches a highly targeted audience specifically when they are searching for Sarasota travel and/or leisure-related information.

And because Escape-to-Sarasota.Com is a niche focused site, visitors don’t have to search or sift through thousands of pages that still don’t provide the instant information that Escape-to-Sarasota.Com does. Bigger is NOT always better.

But it does take persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure on a trusted authority site like Escape-to-Sarasota.Com to deliver the results that your advertising dollar deserves.

Let your advertising work over time and pay dividends. Given a little time and if done right, it’s powerful.

How do I know? As publisher of Escape-to-Sarasota.Com, I also worked in both the electronic media and advertising businesses for three decades and have seen the successes. Here's more about me.

Good Advertising is Not Cheap and
Cheap Advertising is Not Good

Escape-to-Sarasota.Com is affordable, not cheap. To me, the word “cheap” carries negative connotations and not just about money. “Cheap” is the opposite of “quality.”

Escape-to-Sarasota.Com offers good advertising at a competitive price; a set rate around which you can plan your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual advertising budget. We can tailor a plan to fit your budget.

But then, you can’t give up. Results don’t always happen instantly in the world of advertising. It works with time; for most it takes a little patience and persistence.

Persistence in Advertising Equals Success

Have you seen on U.S. cable TV the advertisement for carpeting that ends with their jingle: “800-588-2-Three-Hundred, Empire?”

I have heard and seen that commercial, which originates out of Chicago, for over 50 years! They were airing commercials and singing that phone number jingle when I was a young kid in grade school!

And you know what? “Empire Today” was named the country's #1 or #2 Specialty Flooring Retailer (in total dollar amount of sales) from 2007 to 2010 by Floor Covering Weekly.

That’s a consistent advertising plan. They are always “on” with commercials and that jingle, over more than 50 years!

One More Advertising Tip

If you can’t afford multiple advertising platforms (known as “reach.”), choose one and “own it” through “frequency” (you’re always “on!).

That’s how you create success through advertising; by being persistent and consistent; by always being “on.”

At Escape-to-Sarasota.Com we’re always “on.”

We’re patiently waiting to welcome you as a sponsor on Escape-to-Sarasota.Com with your high quality, Sarasota or Sun Coast leisure related business, product, service, event, attraction or experience for all to enjoy!

--Old Advertising Sayings--

It doesn’t matter who your customers are as long as you have them.

It doesn’t matter from what advertising source your customers come; just so they come.

--An Advertising Truth--

Good advertising is not cheap and cheap advertising is not good.

Does your business offer a quality product, service, event, attraction or experience focused on the Sarasota Tourism or Leisure market?

If so, hop aboard Escape-to-Sarasota.Com and let everyone who comes by know about it.

Find out more about becoming an Escape-to-Sarasota.Com sponsor and begin advertising your high quality leisure product, service, event, business, attraction or experience for all to enjoy!

Ad rates are based on...

  • Traffic/page views
  • Ad format/size/prominence.

Contact me at Escape-to-Sarasota.Com through this form so we may set up a time to meet, get acquainted and discuss how together we can custom create a Sarasota Advertising strategy that brands and builds your business and brings vacationers, snowbirds and locals to your business. Let's get started!

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