Summer Sunrise

by Patrick Keigher
(Venice, FL)

Reflection of the morning sun

Reflection of the morning sun

The Snowbirds will be migrated north and only a few of us Sunbirds will be left to enjoy the solitude at Venice Beach.

This photo was taken in July of 2011 looking out over the Gulf of Mexico.

Not even the crabs or sea birds are awake as yet, although the sea turtles have already crawled up the beach, buried their eggs and moved slowly back into the depths of the warm salt water.

One can visualize the immense size of these ancient creatures by seeing their tank-like tracks left in the smooth sand.

You may be surprised to see very tiny prints rushing from the nests toward the gurgling surf. With luck you will see a miniature version of the mother, struggling to make its first sea voyage.

Smell the salt in the air, feel the warmth of the wind, hear the seagulls greeting the sun, taste the briny residue on your lips...welcome to a summer Venice morning.

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Capturing a Rainbow from Longboat Key

by Silke
(Summerville, SC)

Magical Rainbow off Longboat Key

Magical Rainbow off Longboat Key

While on vacation on Longboat Key, my husband and I were staying at a wonderful ocean front beach resort.

One afternoon, luckily with camera in hand, we were strolling hand in hand along the beach right in front of the Turtle Crawl Inn when we both gasped in surprise as this beautiful rainbow appeared over the ocean. We looked at each other, smiling from ear to ear, and took turns taking pictures.

We couldn't believe our luck, not only did we see beautiful sunsets, but we were also rewarded with this beautiful rainbow.

It was truly a magical moment!

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