Venice Florida Fishing

In this Venice Florida Fishing Report, I’ll take you to a place called the Venice Jetty.

What is it?

It is the walkway on each side of the Intracoastal Waterway channel that separates Venice Island from South Casey Key.

See if you can follow this description:The walkway on the south end of the channel leading to and from the Gulf of Mexico is called the South Jetty but it’s located at the north end of Venice Island.

The north side of the waterway is called the North Jetty but it is located on the south end of Casey Key and it’s called “North Jetty Park!”

Confused yet? It’s actually pretty easy.

Venice Jetty Fishing off Casey Key

Venice Florida Fishing Adventures

If a “directions-challenged” person like me can figure it out, you’re probably way ahead of me.

At the South Jetty on the Venice Island side there is a small concession stand called The Sandcastle and at the North Jetty on the South Casey Key side there is the “North Jetty Fish Camp” that sells both bait and beer!

Now there’s a combination you can’t beat, especially on a hot, humid Florida day when the fish just aren’t biting.

Venice Jetty Nokomis Florida

Venice Florida Fishing At the Venice Jetty

Each side of the channel has a long walkway out in to the Gulf of Mexico from where you can cast or drop a line.

During "high season" the Venice Jetty is usually packed with anglers of all kinds; men, women, young, old, experienced pros and those just dropping a line for the first time.

But all will have one thing in common on their trip: the desire to feel the thrill of the tug on the end of the line that assures a fish is ready to be reeled in.

Fisherman at the Venice Jetty Channel
Fishing at the Venice Florida Jetty

While on your adventure, if you’re fishing out on the Jetty, you will encounter other friendly souls with varying degrees of fishing experience.

They may have lots of poles laying on the ground, a live bait well with an aerator, their tackle box filled with the latest and greatest lures for any kind of Venice Florida fishing they might want to do, as well as their own special folding chair.

And then there are those fishermen and women who just show up with their pole, tackle box and bait. And that’s just as fine. You see, out here fishing on the Venice Jetty all are equal.

The Venice Florida Jetty
Fishing at the Venice Jetty

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that often times, while fishing at the Jetty, you will be up close and personal to great views of one of the wonders of nature: real live bottle-nosed Dolphins in the vicinity of the Jetty.

The Bad News: They’re ‘fishing’ too and are in competition with you. And, trust me, they have a far better, up close view of the fishing than you or I do!

What you can catch off one side or the other of the Venice Jetty runs the gamut from Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Red Fish, Jack, Pompano, Sheeps Head, Lady Fish, Whiting, Flounder, Cobia, Shark, Bluefish, Tarpon, Snook - you name it!That's just some of what you might catch during your Venice Florida Fishing excursion.

Brown Pelican In The Venice Jetty Channel
Dolphins off the Venice Florida Jetty

Caught a whopper? Or just have a whopper of a fishing story to tell? Where's your favorite Sarasota area fishing hole? What were they biting on when you caught that trophy fish? Let others know about your best fishing story or fishing recommendations. Click here to share your Sarasota fishing adventure!

Venice Florida Fishing Tips

You need to have your Florida fishing license along with you when you fish the South or North Venice Jetty.

Besides your fishing equipment it’s a good idea to have clothes for the weather conditions you'll be encountering and sun tan lotion.

There is NO shade out on the Venice Jetty and depending on time of year you can get sunburned to a crisp in no time. You can pick up a nasty sunburn even in January in only a few minutes. So come prepared to the Venice Jetty and Happy Fishing!

Heron and Sailboat on The Venice Florida Jetty
Fishing at the Venice Jetty Pier

Venice Florida Fishing Report
Other nearby locations.

In addition to the Venice Jetty, The Venice Fishing Pier is nearby as well as Brohard Beach. Brohard Beach is actually the beach upon which the Venice Fishing Pier rises from, but head north up the beach or south from the pier, away from the public swimming areas and you’ll find plenty of shoreline from which to cast your line.

The parking lot at the south Venice Florida Jetty
The Fish Camp at The North Venice Jetty

Venice Florida Fishing - How to get to the Jetty

Directions to the North Jetty: You can get to the North Jetty by taking U.S. Rt. 41 (Tamiami Trail) to Nokomis. Look for Albee Road and turn west. Follow Albee Road over the drawbridge and turn left once you’re across the bridge. Follow Casey Key Road all the way south to the North Jetty Fish Camp.

The Fish Camp at The North Venice Jetty

To get to the South Jetty on Venice Island it’s a little trickier. Take Rt. 41 into downtown Venice and turn onto Venice Avenue west which you’ll take all the way to the Venice Municipal Beach Pavilion. Turn right on to “S the Esplanade N.” Then turn left on to Tarpon Center Drive and follow it into Humphris Park. Next, find a parking spot and look for your fishing spot and your place in the sun.

Have a great time on the water or from the shore. And be sure to let us know, through the link above, about your big catch!

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