The Sexy Bikini Contest
At The Sarasota Offshore Racing Festival!

Part of the Suncoast Summer fest's previous incarnation, the Offshore Grand Prix Festival, this event has been on hiatus for several years, but we bet it will return at some point in the future as it has been an on/off event in the festival over the years.

Hot as the 4th of July!

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The very popular Sexy Bikini Contest, now called: the Miss Powerboat P1 Swimwear Contest, has been held as part of the Sarasota Offshore Super Boat Grand Prix Racing Festival in recent years, but not scheduled for the 2019 Fest. 

Perhaps the event will return in future years. I have decided to leave the page up as part of the history of the festival and due to the possibility that it may return in the future and may be on hiatus as it was a few years ago and then returned to the festival events lineup.

The 2018 Contest 

 The original "Miss Super Boat Grand Prix” Bikini Contest is now the "Miss Powerboat P1 Swimwear Contest." It will take place during the "Boats by the Bay" Party in the Pits event. Following 2 rounds of earlier competition; one at 6:30 p.m. which is designated as "Club Wear," the other at 8:30 p.m. for Swimsuits, the crowning of Miss Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix will take place at 10:30 p.m. The contest is open to the general public to participate in. Van Wezel Parking Lot, 1105 10th St, Sarasota, FL. 

Recent history: In 2015 the name and format was changed to the Miss Hooters Swim Suit Pageant. The contest was on hiatus in 2016 and returned in 2017 as The Miss Powerboat P1 Swimsuit Contest.

Traditionally there have been a number of cash prizes. The Grand Prize, is $1,000! Not bad! But the runners up prizes are pretty good, too: Second Place- $750, Third Place - $500!

But mind you, it is HOT! And it is humid. The contest takes place in Sarasota just off the Sarasota Bayfront.

This gallery of bikini contest pics was shot during a hot, steamy, early July afternoon in the original contest location of Centennial Park.

It’s just the kind of day you want to be in swim shorts and t-shirt or a bikini.

Sarasota grand prix fest sexy-bikini-contest

With temperatures in the low 90’s and the humidity at about 90%, everywhere I looked people were sweating.

The bikini contest girls were dressed just right for this kind of weather.

But it being summer and rainy season along the Sun Coast the occasional, threatening thunderstorm clouds would roll in a few times over the Sarasota Bayfront’s Centennial Park and give everyone some much appreciated and needed shady relief, dropping the temperature by what seemed about 20 degrees…and then, back to the sunshine and heat!

With a mix of some 30 girls in the amateur bikini contest, each one has that certain “something” going for her and her time in the sun as she reaches out to the audience of perhaps a couple hundred male and female members in front of the stage.

Amateur Bikini Contest

July 4th weekend Sarasota Amateur Bikini contest

For being amateurs, this group knew how to play with the audience, some of whom brought their own legion of supporters to whoop it up for their favorite choice. The larger audience was the one being broadcast to, as the event was aired live on cable-TV in Sarasota.

There are perhaps even thousands more watching on the giant screen TV in the beer tent directly across from the sexy bikini contest stage.

The sexy bikini contest girls came from both the local Sarasota and Bradenton areas and as far away as the Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater areas.

They were judged by a panel of celebrity judges including local personalities and The Deadliest Catches' Travis Lofland of the fishing vessel "Time Bandit," on hand for the Sarasota Offshore Racing Festival.

Sarasota grand prix fest sexy bikini contest Judge Travis Lofland

This is not your average raucous spring break style contest on the beach, but one that is more professionally staged.

But, the girls do their best to play the role of divas while on stage, all in good fun.

Some of them are pretty entertaining.

So I hope you enjoy my gallery of sexy bikini contest pics here.

And, I also hope that you’re fortunate enough to attend one of these amateur bikini contests one year soon. It's a heck of a good time!

Hot Day - Hot Crowd - Hot Fun in the Sun!

Sarasota sexy bikini contest

It's a lot of fun in the sun with some good natured contestants, hosts, judges and organizers and don't forget the adoring crowd.

It's one of the best sexy bikini contests on the sun coast, if not the only one on or near a July 4th holiday weekend.

It definitely adds some fun and excitement to summer holiday time.

And it's great to be outdoors in the fun at a festival such as this with other like minded and friendly people.

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The Offshore racing fest amateur bikini contest July 4th weekend in Sarasota, Florida

Top prize is $1,000

Downtown Sarasota Racing Fest Sexy Bikini Contest

I hope you enjoyed my Sarasota Offshore Grand Prix Racing Festival Bikini Contest Pics!

The winner and runners up

Sarasota Bikini Contest Girls

Tips: The sun is hot at this time of year. If you are going to attend the Sarasota Offshore Super Boat Grand Prix Racing Festival’s Sexy Bikini Contest- Swim Suit Pageant be sure to wear sun screen, light weight, light colored clothing, a hat and sunglasses and get a cold drink from inside the festival area with which to keep yourself hydrated in the Sarasota summer heat and sun. (no outside coolers are allowed).

If you are planning to drive: downtown parking is tough. Go early. Be prepared to walk a bit if you aren’t lucky enough to get a parking spot nearby. So be prepared.

Sarasota grand prix fest sxy bikini contest sign

Location: Van Wezel parking Lot , 777 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida. Entry is free.

Have Fun!

(Dates, times, locations and event details are subject to change without notice by event organizers, weather, etc.)

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